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Escape Attempt

I monitor the scanner while Rekks steers the wounded Cutlass toward the jump point. “The Hornets have turned to pursue. Our shield power is nearly drained out and it's recharging too slow to survive another salvo.”

Rekks acknowledges me with a nod. I notice that he has redistributed all our remaining power into the maneuvering engines. “I’m maxing out the maneuvering thrusters just to keep our orientation and even then I’m fighting some sideslip. That winglet did some serious damage to our port engine.”

“They’re on top of us. Missile locking! They’ve fired.” I watch my console as the missile streaks toward us.

“Charge the jump drive Jace! Pull from the shields. They’re too weak to save us from that impact anyhow.” I quickly reroute the remaining shield energy into the jump drive and bring it online but now we are completely defenseless.

I watch the distance-to-target tick down as the missile rapidly closes in on the Havik. 300 meters… 200 meters… 100…

Suddenly the stars around us blur and a sudden jolt ripples through the ship as she slips through the jump point. I take a deep breath of smoke-tinged air after realizing I’ve been unconsciously holding it in. The nav-jump computer takes control of the ship’s flight controls and I watch Rekks work to pry his white-knuckled hand off the controls.

Transmission From:

Jaceon "Swagger" Falx
Jaceon, or Jace, is the younger of the Falx brothers.  He is the gunner of their cutlass: Havik.

Galactapedia Summary

Nemo System

Nemo is a system of three habitable planets. The main attraction is a large asteroid called "The Space Whale".

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