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Hail of Gunfire

Rekks steers us toward the two incoming UEE Hornet fighters. Once we make it past them it’s a straight shot to the jump point. We’ll let the UEE deal with Kel Grata.

The Hornets adjust their courses at the last second… on to pure pursuit vectors with us! “Oh shit!” I hear Rekks exclaim as he jerks the stick to roll us away from the fire erupting from the turrets of the Hornets. White hot tracer rounds spew toward us impacting our already weakened frontal shields which quickly buckle under the assault. Our ship shakes violently from the ballistic impact of multiple repeater slugs. The port winglet takes the bulk of the salvo and rips from the ship ricocheting off the engine nacelle as it flies off into space. A sea of red alarm indicators fill the console in front of me.

The Hornets decouple their vectors and spin their ship's noses toward us to continue firing while we merge past them. My anger turns to pragmatic fear as I try to shift whatever power I can find from the weapons into the shields and engines. We need to get out of here!

For a final time Kel Grata’s voice comes over the comm. This time however, he’s using a wide broadcast signal so everyone can hear him. “I hope you children have learned something today about how things really work in the ‘verse. Enjoy your cold sleep.”

Transmission From:

Jaceon "Swagger" Falx
Jaceon, or Jace, is the younger of the Falx brothers.  He is the gunner of their cutlass: Havik.

Galactapedia Summary

Nemo System

Nemo is a system of three habitable planets. The main attraction is a large asteroid called "The Space Whale".

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