The Making Of – Part 7

This week I will be showing a bit of the effects that I tried to create for panel 8, ‘Ion Control’

You might remember from The Making Of – Part 4, the creation of the cargo ship.

panel52 (2)

This time I had to draw it from behind.  The original design was our variation of what the Starfarer ship from Star Citizen might have looked like 12 years prior (which is when our story currently takes place) to the current model.

Designing the rear of the cargo ship, I decided to use a mix of the Starfarer and Freelancer ships.


After this was designed, I had to make an effect that could look like engines short circuiting.  This affect was achieved using a mix of the ways I create engine trails and laser blasts, which I have discussed in previous making of blogs.


Finally I had to make the engine trails themselves coming from the ship seem to sputter off and die.  Sort of like plasma debris sparking out.


After this, I layered an asteroid field together and used the planet that I had created for these scenes to make the composition more interesting.

The final product was this.


Thanks for reading this week’s making of blog post, I hope everyone enjoyed it!


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