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Battle Damage

I am jolted in my seat as the Havik touches down hard inside of our hangar. “Sorry… the reaction control balance is a bit off.” Rekktor apologizes but he did well considering the circumstances. The low level illumination of our hangar now washes over the ship and I look out the window to the left. There is only a sparking pylon where the winglet used to be.

I activate the rear gantry and exit the ship first with Rekks following behind. We slowly walk around the ship taking stock of the damage. The winglet of course is gone and with it one of our ion cannons. The port engine nacelle has a huge gash where it was struck by the winglet. We got lucky. A few centimeters deeper and the fuel intermix precooler would have been ruptured. We’d have been adrift.

I climb up on top of the hull. I can’t believe how many bullet impacts we sustained. I crouch down and put my finger into one of the small holes. It’s deep, I can’t reach the bottom. The metal armor plate is folded back and I can feel several frayed layers of ballistic composite weave that ultimately stopped this round. For a moment I’m proud that this old ship could sustain such a beating and still get us home. When I turn and look at the stolen cargo container my pride turns to dread. That thing ain’t gonna pay for even half the repairs needed.

Transmission From:

Jaceon "Swagger" Falx
Jaceon, or Jace, is the younger of the Falx brothers.  He is the gunner of their cutlass: Havik.

Galactapedia Summary

Cathcart System

A rather unremarkable system with no planets. The only destination is the pirate hub, Spider.


Spider is our home. It's a twisted mass of scrapped and salvaged ship wrecks floating in space. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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