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Courses Of Action

Rekks leans up against the wall of the hangar, looking pensively at the ship. “It’s going to take at least a month to get this old bird flying again.” His voice echoes mildly off of the cold steel hanger walls.

I pull a stool from the workbench over to him and take a seat. He turns to look at me and I can see that he’s got something on his mind beside the immediate problem of the ship.

“Jace, if you want to go find Avacar, go ahead. Find out what he knows. I’ll stay and get started on the repairs.”

“Are you sure? I should stay and get started on that engine repair…” He cuts me off. “Naw, that can wait. You should go find Avacar and get us some info about Grata. Besides, we need the parts first. Dyson can hook us up. I’ll go talk to him. He’s gonna be pissed though.”

Dyson was Dad’s old partner and copilot. After Dad was killed he sort of took us in, watched out for us. In the end, it was really he who gave us the Havik. “Yeah… he will be. Good luck with that.”

Transmission From:

Jaceon "Swagger" Falx
Jaceon, or Jace, is the younger of the Falx brothers.  He is the gunner of their cutlass: Havik.

Galactapedia Summary

Cathcart System

A rather unremarkable system with no planets. The only destination is the pirate hub, Spider.


Spider is our home. It's a twisted mass of scrapped and salvaged ship wrecks floating in space. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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