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Enter Avacar

That bald skag must be him. He’s right on time. I like that. A quick scan of the bar and he’s coming this way. This place is pretty crowded for a Wednesday but he knows what I looked like. He must have done his homework.

Let’s see how he handles the Spider greeting. It’s nothing too complicated, starts like a handshake but you reach past and grab his elbow. It’s an old tradition, a sign of trust. Normally you’d never let someone get so close they could shank you because here, they would.

“Yous Avacar? You know cargo needs roustin’? ” I reach for his elbow and give him my best Spider dialect.

“You must be the man they call Korenwolf… uhh… A pleasure to meet you.” I notice an awkward, almost resigned look on his face.

As I thought, he had no idea. He’s not Cathcartian. Perfect. I need someone with a brain in their head who can give us some new fertile grounds to raid compared to these low profit time-waste jobs my usual info agents have been feeding me.

I clean up my speech and respond, “You aren’t from around here, Avacar. That’s good, I’m looking to diversify my contacts. Tell me about this score.”

His eyes widen slightly. “You surprise me Mr. Falx. I thought I had known what to expect dealing information here on Spider but you seem quite different. You must have been educated.”

“My father saw to it.” Our old man did well to bring in tutors for me and Jace. A difficult endeavor considering the location but he paid well. He didn’t want his children to be sucked into the same life he had. I guess not everything went to plan.

He nods thoughtfully, waiting to hear more details from the man with the interesting second impression but I offer him no more. “Very well.” He reaches into his coat and pulls out a small holographic projector. “I think we can do business.”

Transmission From:

Rekktor "Korenwolf" Falx
Rekktor, or Rekks, is the older of the Falx brothers.  He is the pilot of their cutlass: Havik.

Galactapedia Summary

Cathcart System

A rather unremarkable system with no planets. The only destination is the pirate hub, Spider.


Spider is our home. It's a twisted mass of scrapped and salvaged ship wrecks floating in space. A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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