The Making Of – Part 1

So this is the first making of post where we will tell a little bit about the process that went into making some of the pictures.

At first I was trying to figure out the art style I wanted to use for these pictures.  In doing so I used this piece of official concept art as a reference:spiderofficial

This was the original bar I made from that reference:panel1original

After some internal discussion it was decided that it resembled the concept too closely and would have to be remade for our story.

This was the image I was sent to use as a reference for the new Ghosted Skiff bar:Panel 1 redo concept

As you can see I was tasked to use the bridge of a Bengal Carrier for the main part of the bar… Also it was clearly requested that I use multiple large cables and random… “wing” pieces.

This is what I finally came up with and we stuck with to use as our first piece of art with the story:01

I hope you all enjoy this as we will try to get one out every Wednesday!  The formats may vary as some pictures have more or less stories behind them.

Thanks and make sure to come back on Friday to see the newest picture and part of our adventure!

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