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The Making Of – Part 2

For this week’s making of segment I’ll be showing some of the beginnings of panels 2 and 3.

The original idea for panel 2 was to show a conversation between Rekktor and Avacar in a shady bar location.  I tried to go with a similar color scheme as the exterior shot of the bar.


This was the original design, with just block colors and shapes to make the composition.  Having this layout, I decided to start adding detail and shape to the characters and background.  At first we didn’t want to really have real figures in the art, just silhouettes.  This was what it looked like as the original “finished” version.


After a while I decided to do some character designs for named characters.  Therefore I redrew Avacar (on the left) and Rekktor (on the right).  This is the final product which was released with issue 2.


Also you may note that the hologram Avacar is holding changes drastically from version to version.  At first we did not have a design for the cargo ship that makes its first appearance in panel 5.  We’ll get into that design much more in a future making of post.

Here are closeups of the progression of both the ship design and hologram effect.



On to panel 3.  We had to design what we thought a cheap hanger on Spider might look like.  This reference from the movie The Fifth Element was used as a tone setter.

5th element hanger 8

Then I was sent this as a basic layout for the drawing.

Panel 3 layout

Working from that I made an early version of the drawing, again with just block colors and shapes.


Finding the design suitable, I added detail and finished the original version of the drawing.  Again it just had silhouette figures.


After going back in to make the figures have better form, I also thought I would add some more color.  I decided to have Jaceon working on the ship with a blowtorch.  Here is the final piece from the third part of the story.


That’s it for this week’s making of.  I hope everyone enjoyed a look at the production of these two panels.  Be sure to come back every Monday and Friday for new parts of the story and every Wednesday for another making of segment!