The Making Of – Part 4

This making of blog will be about panel 5, “Surprise Escort”. (Be sure to click the pictures to zoom in)


The first thing I put together was just a simple mockup composition, using the original model for the Avenger and a random Kerbal Space Program ship.


Working from this I made the Avenger, thinned it out a bit and made it look more sleek.  Next I started designing the cargo ship.  Originally I came up with a wedge shaped box, it wasn’t great.


After this it was suggested that I use the Starfarer as a model, which I did.  I made some quick line art and sent it to the writer for more suggestions.

panel5-4 Comments

Basically what we came up with was what the Starfarer might have looked like 12 years before Star Citizen, which is when this scene would be taking place.

panel52 (2)

Next I didn’t just want to have two ships flying in space, so I went back to an old digital piece of art I made with some planets for reference.


I went with the lower left planet’s color scheme and went ahead and hand drew it with the art style used for these drawings.


After tossing in a random belt of asteroids, the look was complete.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this making of blog showing some of the behind the scenes stuff that when into making panel 5 “Surprise Escort”.

2 thoughts on “The Making Of – Part 4”

  1. Again I love: THE MAKING OF pics and comments, slide two of this one does not blow up to full screen when clicked on, and I enjoy looking around the details of the universe.

    1. That’s actually how big it is full-sized… Some of the original concept pieces were created to be very small as part of a storyboard. I am glad you’re enjoying it!

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